Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Engine Team.

Since we here on the body/chassis team are a bit disconnected from the engine team Wes asked Nate Roy to create a bit of a summary of the engine work thus far. Here it is:

Well, we have the engine block cut in half and last night I sanded the two halves of the engine block so that they mate without significant wobble.
From GL2 Engine

From GL2 Engine

The block is ready for some aligning pins and bolts and then some final machining to square everything up. Dustin and Trent started to machine a new flywheel for a ring gear and starter. Also, Dustin chopped up and then trimmed a Briggs crankshaft for the crank sleeve. Matt and Ryan worked on designing a faceplate and made some mounting brackets for the flywheel side bearing support they machined last week. We mounted the Briggs stocker (a.k.a "old faithful") back in GL1 and she is now roadworthy.

Nate Roy

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