Friday, February 9, 2007


Around 7:30 – 8:00 Nate M., Dustin, Nate Roy, Earl, Wes, and Matt showed up in the EPL to finally separate the mold from the body. First we moved the mold to our bay and started unbolting to two halves. The University Photographer Scott Huck was supposed to show up to make us famous, but after waiting about 15 minutes for him we finally just tried to pull the mold apart regardless if he was there or not. One side separated fairly quickly but we had some trouble the right half. We believe that the tape on the seam attached to the mold was causing the body to stay firmly attached. After an hour of struggle, pounding, flipping, and shaking Alan stopped by to check our progress. Dustin was able to get a hold of a bit of tape and started to peal the edge off. Once most of the tape was removed, the body slid right out but not with out some severe static shock action towards some of our team members. After the body was weighed and set on our table Mr. K came over and admired our work and told us that it was the closest thing a man could do to compare to giving birth. Nearing 10:30ish we all dispersed.
From GL2 Feb 07

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