Friday, February 23, 2007


2-22-07 Thursday
Earl did some more wet sanding on the new car in the morning, and came to the conclusion that we need to spray the entire back half of the car with Duratec, and sand it down. After two weeks of sanding, there were still plenty of bad spots in the body. Earl went to Dr. Z’s office and asked him if he could bring his pressure gun in, so Dr. Kinsinger could spray the Duratec while Z is on his sweet cruise. Later that night Alan and Wes were in the shop working on the back half of the chassis. They were able to successfully align the back tire with the engine mounts in about an hour. After that Alan tried to find some pieces of sheet metal to make the front steering connecting rod. Once that quest was over he made a model of the pieces out of cardboard and plans to make the real ones tomorrow afternoon. As a bonus i'm throwing in a picture our our t-shirt design. you're welcome.
From GL2 Feb 07

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