Wednesday, February 7, 2007

monday and tuesday updates

2-5-07 Monday
Earl glassed the bottom of the rollbar into the mold (on top of the WebCore) in the morning, to keep it in place for glassing the sides. In the evening, Earl made foam ramps to go between the rollbar and side wall of the body, so the glass could lay down at a 45 angle. He glued them onto the inside body wall.

2-6-07 Tuesday
In the morning, Earl glassed the right side of the rollbar onto the body.the Epoxy resin was really hard to get into the chop-strand mat, and really messy. Shell sent an email out, announcing the updates to its website. Registration for the Eco-Marathon was over, and the Technical Kit with the Michelin radial tires, decals, oil, and spark plugs will be sent out this week. Travel kits too. Earl and Alan both replied to the “share your story” link, hoping to get interviews and PR stuff at the race. Somehow, British Colombia didn’t register for the Eco-Marathon. Weird.

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