Thursday, March 1, 2007

The End of Febuary

2-27-07 Tuesday
After working for someone at the Hive from 11am-3pm, Earl went to the Projects building and cut the bowties in the floor of GL2 so the front wheels could turn. Earl rode his bike to Dr. Z’s house and picked up the pressure-pot gun that Z left on his front porch, and cleaned it with acetone back at school. Mr. K. came by, and they made plans to shoot the car with Duratec Wednesday at 1:00 or so. Alan came back around 7pm, and he and Nate M. finished up the rod for the front steering. Alan and Nate M. were moaning about how cramped they were in the new car, because of how the front steering is all up in your butt, and the thickness of the rollbar and helmet force your head down really low. All minor concerns for Earl, since he can’t really fit in the car anyway.

2-28-07 Wednesday
Earl and Aaron Briggs met up in the Projects building and started setting up the hot water heater and kiddie pool in the back corner of the Projects, by the surface grinder, but Mr. K told them to move up to the big garage door entrance, for some reason. Right in the middle of all Formula’s stuff. Earl got a call from Dale Bennett from Mor/Ryde at 11, and at 3, about working for them. The maintenance people disconnected the air compressor around 1pm, and were in the process of moving the tank underneath the mezzanine. So much for shooting the car with Duratec. One road block after another...

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