Monday, March 26, 2007

Test Driving!

Last weekend we worked hard and were able to get GL2 outside and running on her own power. Here is a video of Alan driving in the parking lot with Dustin's modified engine. In other news the canopy is mounted, the front end is almost able hinge on and off, and our computer is here. Now we just have to figure out how it works.

10 days till we leave! Remember when it was 20 days and I said 10 is half of 20 and 10 is not very many days...well, that day has come and no one is laughing anymore.



Raph Aubé said...

For some reasons, I can't play the video with IE or Firefox. (but I can watch google videos on the website)

- Raph Aubé
Alérion Supermileage

Cedarville University Supermileage said...
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Cedarville University Supermileage said...

It's working now. There was some trouble with the HTML but it's all good.