Wednesday, March 14, 2007

22 days left...

3-12-07 Monday

Earl and Nate Roy took the new canopy off the shelf, and set the old canopy on top of it, matching up the marks Earl and Alan had made back at the beginning of the semester. They traced the outline of the old canopy onto the new one, adding and extra 1¾ inches all the way around. Earl set up the canopy outside the ENS garage door (the door to Dave’s shop) and started cutting the canopy out of the flange. Wes came back from Michigan, and helped cut some too. Alan came around 5:30, and we all went to Chucks at 6:15. Later on, Earl worked on getting the nasty decal residue off the body of Gold Lighting…Lindsey came by and had Alan fix her bike. Earl and Alan put the canopy in the new car (GL2) with Wes inside, and it fit very well. They marked it, and cut around the edge of the canopy to leave 1½ inches protruding below the body line, to do the fiberglass mounting with. Earl and Wes had a near-catastrophe with the canopy half-falling off the table, but the day was saved because the canopy wasn’t hurt or scratched.

3-13-07 Tuesday

Earl went home to eat at 5:20, and came back to work. Wes and Nate M. showed up, and started waxing the canopy with mold-release. Nate worked on the new brakelight some, and they all three worked for a long time to figure out how to hang the car upside down to do the initial canopy-mounting. After two failed attempts with the present setup, they brought the engine hoist over from Formula, and were able to successfully hang the car upside down and get the canopy in. It looked great, and everyone left around 10:35pm. The glassing hadn’t begun yet, but everything was pretty much ready to go.

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