Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Crunch Time

As much as we try and avoid it every year we are always in a rush to finish our car. This is what we did Tuesday night:

3-27-07 Tuesday
Earl finished making the aluminum arms for the front canopy hinge around 1:00. Earl, Dustin, and Alan worked on wheel shields at like 5:30. Alan got in the car while Earl and Dustin held the canopy/ring on the car. Alan caught his foot on the right side of the car body while getting out. It cracked a little, but was easily repaired later, despite Earl’s concern. Earl had an intramural racquetball game from 7-8, losing in two games. Then, he went back to the shop. He and Dr. Z. worked on finishing up the clasp joint between the canopy ring and body. Z cleaned the excess epoxy out of the slots with his circular saw, and sanded and repaired a spot with bondo. Around 12:30, they put the canopy ring on and epoxied in the final strip onto the rign, with it in place on the car. Then, they stayed until 2:15am working on the cardboard template Earl made the day before for the shelf that the hinge and trunk strut will attach to.