Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eco Day 2

Day 2 was our first day of "racing" here at the Shell Eco-Marathon. The day started early (4am) for some of us on the team due to a live TV interview with the Dayton ABC/FOX and NBC stations. After that we prepped our cars for the track and then took the group pictures with all the cars and shell volunteers. From there things kinda when downhill a bit...Right as the Gold Lightning car was about to head out we couldn't find the connector for the headset so we flipped our bay upside down trying to find it. Eventually we just resorted to using cell phones w/headsets. Once that problem was solved I drove onto the track only to have the canopy blow open on me due to the extremely high winds we had here. Fortunately there was no damage but UNfortunatly it meant back to the shop...To fix that problem we made a stronger latching system to withstand the high winds. Now, just before you think nothing else could possibly go wrong, it did. As we are rolling out to the track we blow our back tire. *sigh* Needless to say we were a bit frustrated at that point. Never the less we fixed all our problems (for the most part) and we were still able to put 3 good runs on the board and allow Mary some practice time.


Me getting in GL3 before the tire blew.

Driving (finally)

Talking to Dr. Z about race afterwards

Brandon driving Slipstream 2

Mary pulling in after her run in Gold Lightning 3

Walking back after the last run of the day

Team Photo

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