Tuesday, April 17, 2007

There and back again.

So the Eco-Marathon has come and gone and Cedarville had their best showing of cars ever. We were able to break and re-break the the school record a few times on Saturday. I must say our cars were the stars of the show with many onlookers and only a few jealous critizers. Overall Cedarville put the most runs on the board and GL2 never broke down once. We calculated that we drove GL2 alone for over 100 miles in the matter of a few days without a single problem. Talk about reliability. In case you are looking for stats, GL2 took 4th with 1135.3 mpg, GL1 got 7th with 897.9 mpg and "Slipstream" took 9th with 732.8 mpg and only one complete run.



Raph Aubé said...

Good job guys.

Cedarville University Supermileage said...


Anonymous said...

Astounding work - I'm interested to know what kind of speeds these vehicles reach in order to attain such high efficiency?